Jersey is one of the most beautiful and diverse islands in the world.

And despite being relatively small, Jersey packs in more character, history and scenic variety than places 100 times its size.

Shaped over time by huge Atlantic tides and forged from granite, the island's natural attractions are second to none.

From the explorers of old to the champion surfers and sailors of today, the people of Jersey have always had a close relationship with land and sea.

Stuart Abraham

I have photographed and designed this website so that everyone can appreciate Jersey's lush green landscapes and amazingly varied seascapes. The main part of the project was to capture the coastline and the albums below will take you on the same journey.

meadows jersey 30 2


jersey flag2 1

Close Ups

st ouens bay jersey wide 002 1


la rocque jersey 20 1


plemont bay jersey5


st aubins jersey 25 1


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